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Athletic Field Silt (Screened) - A custom soil which is consistent blend of sand, silt, and clay screened through 3/8” screens to make for a safe and smooth playing surface. It is also a suitable material for horse arenas.

Screened Sand - Also known as Fill Sand or Reject Sand. Unwashed sand with a small amount of clay and very small stones. Screened Sand is often used as a structural base for slabs and has a wide range of other uses in the construction industry.

Concrete Sand - Concrete Sand has undergone a washing process, so that most of the very fine, clay like material is removed. Frequently used in the production of concrete but not limited to that purpose.  Concrete Sand can also be used as sand box sand.

Mason Sand - Ultra fine washed sand, traditionally used as a component for masonry mortar. Mason Sand can be used to create an artificial beach and it makes excellent sandbox sand! We often deliver Mason Sand to customers who are creating a base pad for their above ground pools.

Certified Mound Sand - Used in the construction of septic mound systems, it's a special  quality of filter sand that contains a specific range of sizes of particles.  We test our Mound Sand to verify that it meets septic code specifications.  Filter sand contains a mix of sizes to fill up the void spaces and create an environment for the air breathing bacteria to live in.

Pit Run - Also know as Fill or Bank Run. Pit Run is material that has been extracted directly from a pit or mine bank with no manufacturing taking place. It's primarily used to fill in large holes, soft spots and in the creation of new roads. The material can range in size from sand to 18" stones. It is not recommended for homeowner use unless you have the appropriate heavy equipment as it is very difficult to move and level.

Red Granite - Also known as Decomposed Granite or Rotten Granite. The color of our granite is reddish-brown. It is often preferred over road gravel for aesthetic reasons. It begins in the form of granite rock and then decomposes or breaks into a smaller particles or gravel. The Red Granite is then screened to remove any large chunks and to create a consistent blend of stone and clay. It can be used for driveways and pathways and it compacts nicely.

Road Gravel - Also know as Dense Graded Base Course or Traffic Bond, it comes in a variety of sizes, the most readily available of which are 3/4" Road Gravel and 1 1/4" Road Gravel.  3/4" Road Gravel is the most commonly used product for the construction of driveways and private roads.  It's designed to contain a variety of aggregate sizes in specific quantities that insure that the aggregates work to lock together and it packs quite well.  It's a good road material to be used where a firm base has already been established.

Recycled Asphalt - It is asphalt pavement that has been ground into gravel. The Recycled Asphalt product has much of the original oils still in it and with summer heat and compaction the oils and binders are melted into the gravel to make a more permanent and less dusty driveway than traditional Road Gravel. Many choose the Recycled Asphalt as a less expensive alternative to a new, conventional hot mix asphalt driveway.  Recycled Asphalt can come in several grades, the highest being made almost entirely of asphalt, and the lower grades being blends that include recycled concrete, bricks and virgin material.  The cost varies according to grade.

Topsoil - Organic layer of surface soil in which plants have most of their roots.

Screened Topsoil - Quality topsoil is the basis for a beautiful lawn or a successful garden. Our Screened Topsoil has been processed through a series of screens that renders it free of large stones and debris such as tree roots and weed clumps.

Potting Soil - The highest quality we offer, it's an altered, nutrient packed version of our topsoil.  It is a mixture of screened topsoil and mature composted material that's been created by regular turning of the pile.  It is the ideal material for container plants and flower beds.  It can also be added to improve the health of your existing topsoil it it's been depleted of its nurturing components. 

3/8" Washed Stone - Also known as Buckshot, it is a small, round stone used in the production of ready mix concrete and bituminous asphalt road surfaces. Common construction applications include pipe bedding and landscaping.  Another potential us for 3/8" stone is to place in a kennel, which will provide adequate drainage and a soft surface for sensitive paws.

3/4" Washed Stone - Also know as 3/4" Clear, it is a crushed and washed stone.  It is the primary coarse aggregate in ready mix concrete and base stone. Construction applications include use as a drainage backfill for foundations, pipe bedding, and landscaping.

1 1/2" Washed Stone - Crushed and washed, 1 1/2" Stone is most commonly used for decorative landscaping and in the construction of mound systems.  It is occasionally used in the production of concrete.

Decorative Rip Rap - Also known as Field Stones, these large landscaping stones have a variety of uses limited only to your imagination. They usually range in size from 6" to 36" and larger sizes (boulders) are also available. They can be used to construct retaining walls, waterfalls, rock gardens or shoreline. Given our unique regional geology they come in a rainbow of colors and are quite beautiful!

Steel or Plastic Culverts, Bands and Endwalls

Custom made Hydraulic Hoses and Fittings - Call Gary Domke at Extension 232 for more information.